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Christmas Past

Christmas was a wonderful time of the year for me when I was a child. Cookies, parties, church services and gifts were among the featured attractions, and I took full advantage of them.  Still do. We celebrated Jesus’s birth too. In my family the celebration of Jesus’s birth was central and … Continue reading

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How Does Christmas Come About?

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It’s almost Christmas.  Are you ready? Will you be ready?  I’m not ready…yet. Christmas will come about, like it always does, and I will be ready, like I always am.  However, not without some chaos and confusion.  Every year I determine … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Gift or Playing with the Wrapping Paper?

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Boxes, gift wrap, and ribbons are apparently endlessly entertaining to toddlers.  Who needs gifts?  We should just wrap boxes for young children and let them play! We adults are amused by this, because we know the difference between a gift and … Continue reading

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What if Heaven Published a Newspaper?

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What would heaven’s headlines say? Today’s U.S. headlines warn of fiscal cliffs, rising taxes, and dangerous volatility in the Middle East.  These situations deserve our attention, but are they of eternal importance?  Maybe; maybe not. Many “big” headlines of 2012 will be forgotten by 2013.  However, there are small … Continue reading

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God’s Advent Calendar

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The December days of my childhood were marked by numbered doors on an Advent calendar.  Each day was one day closer to Christmas – so exciting! December is a long month for a child, (and way too short for an adult.)  Our Advent preparations consume about … Continue reading

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Poking Holes in Darkness

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A dream woke me up early this morning, but until I checked the clock next to my bed I had no way of knowing whether it was day or night.  Was it time to get up or to roll over in anticipation of a sequel to my dream? Darkness … Continue reading

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Hallmark Jesus or Real Jesus?

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Who is this Jesus we celebrate at Christmas?  That may seem like a silly question, for most of us know the story of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus, but the identity of Jesus Christ has always been a matter of controversy. Jesus … Continue reading

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Expecting Jesus

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What are your expectations of Jesus this Advent season? Whatever they are, he is likely to surprise you, for Jesus consistently confounded expectations. The Jews had been expecting a Messiah who would reign on David’s throne and restore Israel to a … Continue reading

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Nothing is impossible for God.

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What is your reaction to that statement?  It is true; that I know.  However, I admit that I respond to it with both belief and bewilderment.   Miracles happen, and it is awesome when God does something impossible.  But I am also puzzled … Continue reading

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