Perspectives on Parenting

The perspective from the top of a mountain is quite different from the hike up the mountain. My husband and I have experienced this many times, and it’s always worth enduring the climb to enjoy a view from the heights. Of course, the hike itself is enjoyable too, but legs get tired, more water would… Continue Reading →

Parenting is Marathon, Not a Sprint

I’m in awe of people who run 26.2 miles and live to tell about it. My husband, Dan, used to run marathons. He tells me that training for a marathon involves running a lot, eating right, and getting plenty of rest. Physically running for that long may not be in my makeup, but as the parent of adult children, I see parenting as a marathon of… Continue Reading →

What I’ve Learned from Thirty Years of Parenting

Thirty years ago my husband received an unbeatable birthday gift.  On July 14, 1985, my husband’s birthday, our daughter was born, and we became parents.  As time went on we had two boys to complete our family.  When our last child was born I felt like I had arrived, that I could handle this parenting thing.  Maybe, on a good day. A… Continue Reading →

10 Keys for Effective Parenting

What do you imagine when you think of parenting books?  I devoured a bunch of them back in my child-rearing days, and they all left me feeling somewhat inadequate.  They influenced me positively, I’m sure, but when reading chapter after chapter of solid techniques and creative ideas I couldn’t escape the feeling that I had missed the perfect parenting train.  I was running… Continue Reading →

What the Bible does NOT say about Parenting

Every parent wants to raise happy, well-adjusted and successful children.  Toward that end, I regularly consulted books full of child-rearing advice during times of parental angst.  I also wondered what the Bible had to say on the subject and was surprised to find precious little explicit parenting advice.  Having learned a thing or two from what the Bible does not say about self-esteem and marriage, I… Continue Reading →

Is it Possible to Have It All?

A young woman in her twenties recently asked me and several other women of my generation, Is it possible for a woman to have it all? I wish I had asked her to clarify what having it all means to her today. Back in my day, the commercial below epitomized the cultural expectation to have it all. The choices seemed to… Continue Reading →

Who is Watching Whom?

When we were young, my siblings and I felt that a “Kids’ Day” was missing from the holiday calendar. After all, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were officially recognized, so it made sense to us that children should be celebrated too. My mother’s droll comeback always was, “Every day is Kids’ Day.” She meant, of course, that… Continue Reading →

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