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The Fence or the Well

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Where does a society place its boundaries, its fences, for right behavior? I wrote three blog posts five years ago on this subject, and it’s interesting to read them now. Do you think that the issues have changed? Have Christians changed their … Continue reading

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God’s Loyal Love

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The beautiful book of Ruth is far more than a well told story. It teaches us that God’s loyal love always looks out for vulnerable people and was as present in the Old Testament as it is in the New Testament. Ruth … Continue reading

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Why Joy is the Right Response to Spiritual Truth

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When a concept that was mentally murky becomes perfectly clear to you, what is your reaction?  I feel a sense of satisfaction, or if I’ve apprehended it with some difficulty I am pleased with my accomplishment. Understanding spiritual truth is a little different. In case you haven’t … Continue reading

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Remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Are you looking for something to do with your children this Martin Luther King Jr. Day?  If they are old enough, I would recommend taking them to see a movie: Selma. My husband and I saw Selma last week, and it has stayed with me.  We have come … Continue reading

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Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before you Judge

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Is it ok to judge the behavior or the attitudes of other people? Whether it’s ok or not, we do it.  All the time. Here are three important questions to ask ourselves before we judge. 1)  According to what or whose … Continue reading

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Playground Arguments and Cultural Conversations (Part 2): Influential Voices

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In my last post I introduced the metaphor of playground arguments as representative of cultural conversations over moral and ethical boundaries in our pluralistic American society.  People holding diverse value systems do not always agree over playground rules and boundaries. One group insists, Fair!  Another cries, Foul!  I posed the … Continue reading

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How Good is Good Enough?

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What is the standard against which we measure ourselves? In athletics, it is the latest world record.  This is nicely demonstrated by the AT&T commercials in which a young athlete watches a record-setting race on her smart phone, writes down her new goal, and … Continue reading

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