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Questions about God and Evil

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If God is loving and all powerful, why does he allow evil?  Where is God when bad things happen to good people? Fair questions. For many people, suffering, especially that of innocents, is grounds for doubting the love, power or even the existence of … Continue reading

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Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before you Judge

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Is it ok to judge the behavior or the attitudes of other people? Whether it’s ok or not, we do it.  All the time. Here are three important questions to ask ourselves before we judge. 1)  According to what or whose … Continue reading

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The Hegemony of Religion

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You want to know what “hegemony” means, don’t you?  It’s a useful term in today’s environment, and you’ll understand why if you keep reading. A Texas blogger recently wrote an essay called Why I Raise My Children Without God for CNN’s iReport.  As of this writing … Continue reading

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Playground Arguments and Cultural Conversations (Part 3): The Influence of Christ

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Picture the US as a pluralistic playground on which people holding very different value systems live, work and play together.   Without a common value system, who decides what is “fair” and what is “foul?” In my last post I suggested that entertainment and politics are two powerful … Continue reading

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