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Is God Playful?

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Play is something that we do for the sheer love of the activity.  Playing a game, going dancing, enjoying a dinner party with friends, and going hiking can all be wonderful, playful pursuits. What does God think about our playfulness? … Continue reading

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Vocation, Value and Virtue: Three Ingredients of Meaningful Work

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“I want to do something meaningful with my life.” Have you said this?  I’ve said it, and I’ve  heard it from many others.  What, then, is meaningful work? The specific answer to that question is different for each person, but I’d like … Continue reading

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The Space for Rest

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We rested on Labor Day, and we did it on the relatively narrow space of a bike path along Chicago’s lake shore. The path was well populated by runners, bikers, walkers, and roller-bladers.   Boaters, swimmers, and jet-skiers made the nearby water their playground. Sunbathers, sand-castle-makers … Continue reading

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The Source of Creativity

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Would you like to be more creative?  When I contemplate creativity I think of people like Mozart and Michelangelo, creative geniuses from whom beauty and artistry seemed to spill out.  Today I marvel at the creativity of authors like J.K. Rowling or … Continue reading

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Meeting God in Family Stories

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If you were to write a story about your life, what would be its message?  What would you want your great-great-grandchildren to be able to read about you in a hundred years or so? I was thinking about this as … Continue reading

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What is your Vision of a Perfect World?

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In a perfect world…fill in the blank.  It’s no secret that our world is far from perfect.  When I read stories of little girls and duct tape or hear of another child shot in gang crossfire, I ache for a world in which … Continue reading

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