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Four Things You Can Always Expect from God

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We have a way of shaping expectations in our minds. But this way, the responsibility is on us, and we can become unsettled, even angry, if they fail to become reality. My 7-year-old grandson is famous for this. Recently, when … Continue reading

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Hope More; Expect Less

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What do you expect in the near future? In Chicago, we can expect winter to be cold, snowy and long, but we can also expect a warm summer and a beautiful fall. (Spring is non-existent.) I expect to attend two family … Continue reading

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God Colors Outside the Lines

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God would never… How would you complete that phrase? Sometimes Christians define the limits of what God will or will not do.  I appreciate that this is often a well-meaning attempt to protect orthodoxy or to preserve Scriptural truth, but God frequently colors outside … Continue reading

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God’s Advent Calendar

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The December days of my childhood were marked by numbered doors on an Advent calendar.  Each day was one day closer to Christmas – so exciting! December is a long month for a child, (and way too short for an adult.)  Our Advent preparations consume about … Continue reading

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Anticipating Artistry

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My college girlfriends and I will create a masterpiece this weekend. You’ll understand what I mean by that as you read the following post re-blogged today but first written under the title of Exceeding Expectations last July after a reunion weekend.  This year’s adventure starts tomorrow on a fresh canvas … Continue reading

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What Kind of Savior do You Expect?

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Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the day on which Jesus entered Jerusalem to shouts of Hosanna! as welcoming crowds spread palm branches before him. Jews from all over the Roman Empire were arriving in Jerusalem for the Passover.  Imagine the buzz as people noticed Jesus coming into … Continue reading

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Expecting Jesus

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What are your expectations of Jesus this Advent season? Whatever they are, he is likely to surprise you, for Jesus consistently confounded expectations. The Jews had been expecting a Messiah who would reign on David’s throne and restore Israel to a … Continue reading

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Exceeding Expectations

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The weekend could not have been better.  It exceeded my rather lofty expectations, not because we had perfect weather, although we did; not because ten people traveled from all over the US without incident, although they did; and not because … Continue reading

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