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Heaven’s Headlines in the Days Before Jesus Died

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If heaven published a newspaper, what would the big stories have been in the days leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus? And what would Jerusalem’s newspaper have reported during the same week? Publisher’s note: These are the second issues of The Jerusalem Journal and … Continue reading

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Big Data: A Brief Education

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There was a day when miners physically blasted, dug  and drilled in search of treasures like gold, silver and oil.  Today’s most profitable miners are statisticians and mathematicians searching for veins of meaningful information from within mountains of data. How do you feel about that? … Continue reading

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Soaring Hope

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What if I told you that I spent the weekend at a conference with a diverse group of over nine-hundred people without hearing one negative word?  Not one.  Kindness, acceptance and generosity were unfailing.   Really.  It gave me hope. The event … Continue reading

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How Would You Fix this Broken World?

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Last Thursday I wrote a blog post imagining fictional newspaper headlines in the days surrounding Jesus’ birth.  I was blissfully unaware on Thursday of the horrible non-fiction headlines that would be created on Friday.  (Sadly, my post Jesus Wept written last July in reaction to the Colorado theater shootings … Continue reading

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Would you Still Vote for Jesus?

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Would you vote for the leader of a kingdom characterized by power, freedom and unity? Most of us would, but Jesus, the King, regularly told followers and crowds to keep quiet about what they had experienced or observed of his kingdom.  Not exactly … Continue reading

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Would you Vote for Jesus?

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The U.S. election day is blessedly behind us.  Each presidential candidate proposed a vision for the country, and the voters made their choice. Today I invite you to consider the vision put forth by the leader of a different kind of kingdom.  Jesus, at … Continue reading

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Do You Get It?

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Have you ever read something in the Bible, scratched your head, and muttered to yourself, “I don’t get it“? You are not alone.  In fact, Jesus’ disciples regularly listened to Jesus teach only to question him privately later.  They didn’t get it. One … Continue reading

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The Shape of Jesus’ Words and Witness

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Imagine that you live in the region of Galilee during the first century and that you’ve been hearing about someone named Jesus who is said to have good news.  He reportedly teaches about the kingdom of God, heals diseases and casts out … Continue reading

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Health Care: Right, Left, or a Higher Way?

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At the risk of inflaming political passions, I can’t resist making some observations about the health care legislation upon which the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday. Chief Justice John Roberts, in what was either a masterful demonstration of principle and leadership or a last-minute vote change, … Continue reading

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What is the Best You can do for the Kingdom?

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Have you ever asked yourself that question?  It is a challenging question, and I thank our pastor for asking it in a recent sermon.   While I would call myself a Kingdom-minded Christian, I do not recall ever directly applying this question … Continue reading

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