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Maturity: Grace, Truth and Time

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How would you define maturity? I know it when I see it, but it’s surprisingly difficult to verbalize. According to psychologist and author Henry Cloud, maturity can be defined as follows: “Immaturity is when we ask life to meet our demands … Continue reading

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Five Questions to Ask About Entertainment

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Entertainment is often an expression of God’s gifts of creativity, storytelling, and beauty. But it can also provide mindless amusement, or damage our souls. How should Christians handle rapidly multiplying entertainment options in a God-honoring way? Here are five questions to … Continue reading

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What do You do with the Gift of Time?

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It’s November.  Christmas ads are already upon us.  How did that happen so fast? November and December will soon be the stuff of memories, and if we’re not careful we’ll miss important moments.  How can we use our time more purposefully … Continue reading

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Give the Gift of Relationship this Christmas

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Are you wondering what to give your loved ones (who don’t need anything) for Christmas?  I have an idea for you! Invest in your relationships this Christmas. Christmas gift giving in my extended family has morphed from all of us exchanging gifts with each other (very fun … Continue reading

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Time for Faith and Faith for Time

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What is your most valuable resource?  We usually think of value, resources and wealth in material or financial terms.  In my last post I proposed that Christians need not live with a scarcity mentality, for God’s resources are abundant and unlimited.  … Continue reading

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The Thief in Every House

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The Thief in Every House There is a thief in every house, a ubiquitous presence, a crook. With our permission, like a weed, it encroaches on moments meant to smell the proverbial roses. A bore, it drones on and on like an unfortunate dinner … Continue reading

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Is your time your own?

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Who owns your time?  Your employer?  Your family?  You yourself? As my life gets crowded, and some days feel like “standing room only,”  I am increasingly focused on making the most of my time.  Efficiency has become an art form; time management … Continue reading

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Spending our Days

Recently, our son was frustrated because, having reached the momentous age of twenty-three, his life isn’t all worked out to his satisfaction.  My husband and I were speechless, and then we laughed.  Get used to it, we thought.  We don’t … Continue reading

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