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Above the Confusion

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Confusion happens. When information doesn’t make sense, when both sides of a story are compelling or when there are too many options to make an easy choice possible, I’m confused. It takes me a while to sort through complexity, get the … Continue reading

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Who Says that God Helps those who Help Themselves?

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The phrase “God helps those who help themselves” has permeated our thinking, but is it true?  My blogging friend Caddo recently mused over this quote, which got me thinking. So, who says that God helps those who help themselves? You will not … Continue reading

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Who is Watching Whom?

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When we were young, my siblings and I felt that a “Kids’ Day” was missing from the holiday calendar. After all, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day were officially recognized, so it made sense to us that children should be celebrated … Continue reading

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What the Bible does NOT say about Parenting

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Every parent wants to raise happy, well-adjusted and successful children.  Toward that end, I regularly consulted books full of child-rearing advice during times of parental angst.  I also wondered what the Bible had to say on the subject and was surprised to find precious little explicit parenting … Continue reading

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What the Bible Does Not Say About Marriage

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I once searched the Bible for a passage exalting and approving of long and successful marriages.  I thought that would be nice.  Surely God would have a few words or praise for couples who had faithfully stayed in their marriages until “death did they … Continue reading

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What the Bible Does Not Say About Self-esteem

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Years ago, for reasons long forgotten, I searched through my Bible hunting for passages to inspire self-esteem.  Perhaps I felt in need of a self-esteem boost myself or, more generously, maybe I had wanted to encourage someone else who was feeling worthless.  … Continue reading

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