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Waking Up To Aging

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Admittedly, I’m a slow adapter to change. I’d rather not admit to myself that I am not 30 years old any more. Or 40. Or 50. It’s getting harder to ignore. Recently I spent an afternoon with two friends. One … Continue reading

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Election Musings

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Election day is weeks away. I’ve always taken my vote seriously, for I believe that we have been given the privilege of a voice and that we should use it to the best of our ability. Making a decision in this election, however, … Continue reading

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What is your Heart’s Desire?

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If God visited you tonight and promised to grant you any request, what would you ask for?  Really, what is your heart’s deepest desire? King Solomon was given this very opportunity as he took the throne in ancient Israel.  He apparently understood the formidable … Continue reading

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I wonder about the physiology of laughter.  How is it that humor generates a spontaneous giggle? And then I wonder what makes something funny.  What is the definition of humor?  (I suppose I could research these things, but today I’m just wondering.) … Continue reading

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Pizza is Wisdom

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Have you had a Chicago style deep dish pizza?  My family’s favorite  is Lou Malnati’s, and it is on the menu every time we have out-of-town guests.  No one has ever been disappointed.  (Very full, but not disappointed.) How do boring old flour, olive … Continue reading

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Make Wisdom your Friend

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The book of Proverbs describes two ways of living, wise and foolish, and occasionally personifies them as women both calling out for our attention.  Wisdom says, “Let all who are simple come in here!”  (Proverbs 9:4).  Twelve verses later, Folly says, “Let … Continue reading

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Quiet Wisdom

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At the risk of dredging up deeply submerged memories, imagine you are chosen captain of your gym class basketball team and are given the task of selecting a winning starting line-up.  Now imagine that you have in front of you: 1) your best friend, smiling securely in confidence that he … Continue reading

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