A Year of Thanksgiving

ThanksgivingWhile we’re devouring turkey, stuffing, cranberry salad and pumpkin pie, among other goodies, I hope we won’t forget what we’re celebrating. 

This year I am especially grateful.

I thank God for life, for another day, another year, of living.  After having a stroke in July, I am particularly grateful for the simple pleasure of waking up every morning in good health.  That is a blessing that I regularly took for granted.  No more.

I thank God for family.  This year my family is larger by one daughter-in-law and one grandson.  Our family of five has almost doubled, and I am thrilled.  My extended family spent a long weekend in Boston for our Christmas gifts to each other.  The fact that this weekend was scheduled just a week and a half after my stroke made it a Christmas gift I will long remember.

I thank God for friends.  From those I see in the neighborhood to those I see once every year or two, I am very thankful for all of them.

I thank God for provision.  We have everything we need, and we know who to thank for that.

I thank God for work.  Whether paid or volunteer, work is a gift from God.  I am grateful for it.  My work at Community Bible Study is satisfying and challenging, and I am changed by it.

And that’s just the big stuff.  I am also thankful for little hugs and smiles from grandsons, warm cozy beds on frigid nights, new shoes, yummy dinners, effective medical treatment,  time to do the things I love, for good books and for good chocolate.  I am grateful for the strength and the health to run in the morning when the weather is agreeable, and for the wisdom to stay in the house when it’s not.

I am even thankful for the more challenging moments in life, not in the middle of them necessarily, but eventually.  My stroke has shown me that my husband is wise and wonderful (I knew that already:) and I am amazed by how many people prayed for me.  It is truly humbling.  I am overwhelmingly thankful for my quick and complete recovery.

Most of all, I am thankful for my God. 

He is the source of everything good.  He is the one whose word can be trusted, whose promises are sure, and whose love is unfathomable.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” Psalm 107:1

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