If you could write the story…

If you could write the script for 2012, what story would you tell?  As I ponder that idea, I narrow the problem to attempt to identify the one plot line that would have the most positive impact on the world.

My first thought, I confess, is to script a screenplay about a gifted political leader, wise, honorable, and selfless, who would inspire our national and local elected officials (“leader” is too generous a term for current office-holders of both parties) to serve with more responsiblity and less self-interest.   Then I realize that I ought to think more globally. (I guess I’ve been reading and listening to too much US political chatter.) How about a drama describing the development of a cure for cancer?  Let’s make it affordable while we’re at it.  The ideas are flowing now: I dream of stories of the end of human trafficking, freedom and equality for all women everywhere, loving care and healing for abused and orphaned children, economic opportunity for those suffering under oppressive and exploitive governments.

If we could magically project one such screenplay into reality in 2012, which one should it be?  What is the most important story we could tell?

God would know, I thought.  What story would he write? 

It dawned on me that God has already written the most important story and that he has the power to project it into reality.   In fact he has done just that.

God’s story is not primarily about political or scientific or social improvement, although if widely read and truly followed it would be transformative in all areas of human activity.  It is a most unlikely story, for the hero, the Savior, dies an unjust death, but then he rises from the dead in ultimate victory.  It is an intense drame that describes the defeat of sin.  It is the story of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

That is the screenplay that God chose to project on the pages of human history, so it must be the most important one.

Do you agree that the story of Jesus offers the best hope for the world?  If so, how does his story translate into human tales of the solving of social problems or the healing of human diseases?  Does it?  Should it?

The relationship between the abstract theological truth of God’s story as recorded in the Bible and the practical outworking of its implications is not always clear to me.  It seems one tends to eclipse the other when I believe they are meant to work together.  As a Christian, I believe Jesus is the answer to all of humanity’s problems, because all of our problems have their genesis in sinful human hearts.  That sounds nice in the abstract, but how does it translate into action?

What do you think?

“‘I am the Alpha and the Omega,’ says the Lord God, ‘who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”  Revelation 1:8

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