Life Stage Whiplash

I stand in a moment between two life stages, and it is a bit whiplash inducing.  We took our youngest back to college for the last time over the weekend.  The empty nest  feels rather permanent this time.

Mirror in mirrorI vacillate between moments of nostalgia and anticipation, like a driver applying pressure to the gas pedal while peering obsessively into the rear-view mirror.  The road behind me glows with touched up memories of idyllic moments, favorite family vacations, and blessedly routine days, weeks and years of family life.  I am so very grateful.

photo credit: qmnonic via photopin cc
photo credit: qmnonic via photopin cc

However, that’s not a safe or constructive way to drive.

So, I turn my eyes forward…and back again…and forward…Oops!  Life stage whiplash!  The rear view mirror reveals events in the full context of a life.  The road ahead looks like a close-up of blank pavement waiting to be part of a meaningful life.

The road in my immediate sight, as best I can discern, involves two main pursuits.  I look forward to the start of another wonderful year of studying, learning and teaching in Community Bible Study.  (By the way, if you are not in a Bible study, I highly recommend that you find a CBS class near you!)  CBS is a familiar road for me, a comfortable and well-traveled path on which I drive with wonderful people in the Lord’s provision and strength.

My husband and I are also exploring a new ministry opportunity.  We want to work with Christians and churches to encourage every believer to discover, develop and deploy his or her gifts for maximum fruitful service in God’s Kingdom.  We’ve spent the summer doing research, talking with pastors and ministry leaders, reading, and generally seeking wisdom and guidance to bring this vision into reality.

This is the not-so-familiar, rather uncharted, kind of journey.  We’ve never done this before.  We are beginning a new career as our children are launching their professional and adult family lives.

I might have a stiff neck for a while.

One part of my life that will have to take a back seat for a while is the writing of two blog posts each week.  I hope to post as time and inspiration permit, but time may not permit too many.  It’s been a great joy to think, write, and discuss Connecting Dots To God with you over the last couple of years.  I’ll still be around, just less often.

I would greatly appreciate your prayer as Dan and I work toward this ministry idea.  I’ll keep you posted!

Are any of you in a similar life stage whiplash moment?

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  1. JUDY, I’ve stopped by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving–I miss seeing your posts, and hope you’re alright. God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo

    1. So nice to hear from you Caddo! And a blessed Thanksgiving to you! I really miss my friends in the blog world, like you, and I hope to get back to posting soon. Life is busy and good – just waiting for clarity on my next steps. Big blessings back to you Caddo!!

  2. Hi Judy, I just read this post! That’s wonderful news! I love how you and your husband are following God’s call for your lives. I will take a moment and pray right now for you and this ministry idea God has placed on your hearts.

  3. Ah Judy, I love the way you described your whiplash lol but on a serious note I think that the road ahead has so many great opportunities to do what you do best more open – serve God. I have been really blessed by your words here and your comments on my blog and hope that you will still take time to write here.


    1. Thank you so much Florence. I already miss writing here:) We’ll see how God leads, but I don’t think my blogging days are over for good. May we both follow the Lord’s chosen path for us well!

  4. I have a way of debating my faith & beliefs all the time – that I wonder how much my prayers are even worth. I’d like to think I still have an in though 🙂 So- will keep you & Dan in my prayers!

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