2 Overlooked Truths about Prayer that Change How You Pray

Girl on bleachers from stocksnapI recently ran across a binder from my days in Moms in Prayer.  The resulting prayer flashback taught me a few things.

Ten years ago I was no doubt frustrated that God didn’t answer more of my prayer requests right away. The process of reviewing two inches of sheets of paper, each containing sincere prayers for my son, from my perspective today and knowing the person that he has become, demonstrates in a new way that God was and is busy answering more prayers than I thought…

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About Judy

At heart I am a student of truth, an observer of culture, and a communicator. Jesus is my teacher and my Lord. In pursuit of these passions, I read as much as I can, serve as Area Director for Community Bible Study, and write a blog. I take great delight in my relationships with family and friends, and I also enjoy long walks, bike rides and cooking. And did I mention that I like to read?
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One Response to 2 Overlooked Truths about Prayer that Change How You Pray

  1. Karen Foster says:

    Great truths! Prayer journals are great reminders of God’s faithfulness.

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