August Days

Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash

It was a beautiful August day. There was a bright blue sky with interesting feathery clouds, warm temperatures, but not too humid, and the constant chorus of cicadas. It’s the sound of cicadas that stirs my memory.

Days like this one were a common treat when I was a child. I would spend them riding my bike, catching grasshoppers and attempting to train them – never had much success – running through sprinklers, and playing with neighbors. I’m sure I had to do oh-so-boring chores and put in some time practicing the piano, but I have no memory of those to-dos. Those August days were just fun.

As a teenager, this would have been the perfect day to get some sun, either by planting myself in the back yard on a blanket with a book or mowing the lawn in my bikini (can’t believe I did that) or both. Playing tennis, swimming, phone calls, going to lakes with friends, and hanging out all happened on days like this. Good memories.

One year, I remember having just gotten back to college, sitting in a dorm room catching up with friends, reunions taking place in the hall, and it felt so good to be back. The windows were wide open and the gentle breeze blowing through the room felt like it was going to bring warmth and joy throughout the year. Exceptional memories.

After I starting working, summer days were still captivating, but I had to enjoy them from inside or wait until the weekend. I remember weekend trips, going to concerts, having cookouts, playing softball, and getting together with other young adults during the summer. Fun times.

When we had children, and I eventually stopped working, summer days were filled with play dates, parks and pools. Once again, I’m sure they involved chores – with me on the other end this time – reading and practicing the piano, but days when the sky is blue and the cicadas are humming remind me of the best of summer. I wonder if my kids remember August days like I do.

Eventually, my children no longer needed or wanted me to supervise their pool excursions or other activities, but summer days were no less delightful. I would read on the deck, take a walk with a friend, go for a bike ride with my husband, get together with friends or family, or just enjoy the beauty of the day and the sound of cicadas.

This August I put out the sprinkler for my grandsons, and they ran through it with joy. We took walks to the park, where they played happily, and we enjoyed cookouts with the family at the end of the day. We’re still making memories under the summer sun.

August days are crowded with memories of beautiful days past, and they are also packed with potential for the days ahead as summer transitions to fall. But, for now, I will simply thank the Lord for glorious August days and the sound of cicadas.

What aspect of August days prompts your memories of summers past?

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”  Genesis 8:22


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