Closet Full of Memories

alexandra-gorn-260989-1I’m at ThePerennialGen blog this morning, writing about decades of fashion choices still in my closet and the memories they evoke.

My closet contains decades of fashion choices.

Yes, I own a skirt that I remember wearing to work in the 80s. It is a classic pleated wool plaid skirt that still works with a sweater and pair of boots. All of the big-shouldered sweaters and jackets of that era are long gone, but the skirt remains…

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Closet Full of Memories

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  1. Thanks for the walk down fashion lane, especially the somewhat questionable things we used to wear. (Serious shoulder pads.) I love how you connected your memories to your wardrobe, Judy. Because I’ve always had a small-ish closet — and I’m definitely not a saver — I only remember the clothes when I look at old pictures. Sometimes I wish I had a box full of those fashion memories to show my someday grands!

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