My Relationship With My Local Church: What Happened?

God gives every believer gifts that are intended to be used for building up his people, his Church. My husband and I believe that and have served in many ways over the years. We got involved in a small church in our younger years, and I served in the nursery, taught VBS and occasionally Sunday school. My husband was an Elder in the church and the two of us led small groups, sang in the choir, offered our home for social events, people who needed housing for a night or two, and even housed our pastor and his family for a few months. I was happy to do it all.

Now, I do very little of that.

What happened?

Continue reading my thoughts about this complex question at The Perennial Gen blog.

6 thoughts on “My Relationship With My Local Church: What Happened?

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  1. Our gifts and callings are irrevocable. If the local church is ignoring our callings (and most do), maybe we should look outside the four walls of the church at the world around us. Who knows? We might be able to help more people in a Starbucks, in a park, or at home. But the biggest problem for most of us is walking out the doors of safety and starting something.

  2. Hi Judy, I read your other blog’s post. What jumped out to me was that you were at a very small church that had become so small to not even have a youth group then joined a huge mega church where it’s difficult to find a place to serve. Perhaps this is too simplistic, but perhaps try a different, small to medium sized church where there would be more opportunities to use your gifts?

    Love your blog!


    1. Hi Amy, Dan and I have thought, in retrospect, that a smaller church would be better for us, but there are problems with small churches too. I feel that now that we are at this church, know many people there, that it is our church home and we should do the best we can to serve there. We are actually surprised at how difficult it has been. Thanks for your comment!

  3. I’m tired this morning, and not able to comment as I’d like – but please know I really relate to your post and understand Judy.

    It reminded me of something I recently shared on social media:

    “Are you a church leader? Maybe the person you need is right there and you don’t SEE them. Do you know your people? Someone may have the capability/gift/experience you need but you don’t know it. I’ve observed gifted people overlooked. Or the church looks without, rather than within.”

    The church is squandering much talent for God’s Kingdom. It puzzles me to see gifted people overlooked. Ageism? Personality types? (Gifted introverts can be overlooked because their personality is not outgoing.) Whatever happened to pastors pastoring?? When people are pastored, they are known, and known people get utilized. When there is a lack of pastoral care, perhaps only the “loudest” or biggest personalities get utilized? And the “loud” may actually be less qualified and less competent than the not-so-loud.

    Well, maybe I am sharing better than I thought this morning…

    1. Laura, it puzzles me too when gifted people are overlooked. It would be nice if church leaders took more of a biblical view of gifting, wouldn’t it? I picture God one day saying, “What did you do with all those fantastic gifts that I put in your care at church?!? Did you develop them?” Sadly, if he asked that, I’m afraid he’d get blank stares. Thanks for taking the time to comment, and it’s nice to know I’m not alone!

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