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Narratives We Live By

What is the overarching narrative upon which you model your life? Many of us, consciously or not, run our lives according to the the American Dream. If we get a good education, work hard, save our money, then we will … Continue reading

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Empty Bucket

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Recently I was asked to communicate an item from my bucket list for an upcoming family event.  That’s a problem for me, because I don’t have a bucket list.  Apparently, I still think I’m twenty years old, and that I have plenty of time to fulfill my … Continue reading

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Confident Hope or Wishful Thinking?

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It is my confident hope that spring will one day arrive in Chicago. Sadly, it will not likely be within the next ten days. I have faith that even though I am wearing a wool sweater and boots today and my back yard looks like this… … Continue reading

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An Ordinary Day in the Life of an Heiress

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Can you imagine being heir to an estate worth forty billion dollars?  Me neither. But, what if we are heirs to an even larger fortune? A recent encounter in the grocery store reminded me that I am, in fact, an heiress. While I … Continue reading

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Will we be Gymnasts in Heaven?

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How do those Olympic gymnasts do it?  Athletic perfection is a beauty to behold.  I marvel at the physical strength, grace, skill and mental toughness of Olympic athletes in general, but in my opinion the gymnasts are the strongest and most skilled of … Continue reading

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