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Narratives We Live By

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What is the overarching narrative upon which you model your life? Many of us, consciously or not, run our lives according to the the American Dream. If we get a good education, work hard, save our money, then we will … Continue reading

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Empty Bucket

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Recently I was asked to communicate an item from my bucket list for an upcoming family event.  That’s a problem for me, because I don’t have a bucket list.  Apparently, I still think I’m twenty years old, and that I have plenty of time to fulfill my … Continue reading

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Confident Hope or Wishful Thinking?

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It is my confident hope that spring will one day arrive in Chicago. Sadly, it will not likely be within the next ten days. I have faith that even though I am wearing a wool sweater and boots today and my back yard looks like this… … Continue reading

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An Ordinary Day in the Life of an Heiress

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Can you imagine being heir to an estate worth forty billion dollars?  Me neither. But, what if we are heirs to an even larger fortune? A recent encounter in the grocery store reminded me that I am, in fact, an heiress. While I … Continue reading

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Will we be Gymnasts in Heaven?

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How do those Olympic gymnasts do it?  Athletic perfection is a beauty to behold.  I marvel at the physical strength, grace, skill and mental toughness of Olympic athletes in general, but in my opinion the gymnasts are the strongest and most skilled of … Continue reading

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