An Ordinary Day in the Life of an Heiress

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria

Can you imagine being heir to an estate worth forty billion dollars?  Me neither.

But, what if we are heirs to an even larger fortune?

A recent encounter in the grocery store reminded me that I am, in fact, an heiress.

While I was collecting my change, the friendly grocery cashier sighed and said with a smile, “I want to be an heiress in my next life.”  I laughed and made some blandly affirming comment.

But as I picked up my bag of bananas and hamburger buns, I corrected myself.  “Actually,” I said, “as a Christian I believe I literally am an heiress now and for all eternity.”  She nodded her approval, and after a moment of reflection said that she shared my belief.

It’s true

Linderhof Castle in Bavaria

Our Father is the owner of an estate that dwarfs that of the richest people on earth, and his children will inherit his fortune.

My grocery checker friend turned to greet her next customer; I went home to grill burgers.

Just another day in the life of an heiress.

“Now if we are his children, then we are heirs – heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ…” Romans 8:17

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”  Matthew 5:5

What do you think it means to “inherit the earth?”

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  1. Judy, I loved this line: “I laughed and made some blandly affirming comment.” I went back and read it several times; the reason I enjoyed it so much is because I have been in that spot oh so many times. Someone — a cashier, an attendant, a clerk, whomever — says something and I, in my haste to get out and get home, reply with something that will expedite the process along — then I feel that certainty that I missed the opportunity to slide beneath the surface of that person’s skin and puncture that place that matters. Maybe it was something small, maybe they would forget in ten minutes, but then again maybe not. Who am I to limit God?

    I love that you spoke up, that you didn’t allow that blandly affirming comment to be the end of it.

    Indeed, we are heiresses. I think of this when I have not slept, dreaming about the “many rooms” that await me in Heaven.


    1. Hi Cara,
      I’ve been in that spot many times too and have missed more opportunities than I’ve taken. Once in a while…
      Blessings and sleep:)

  2. Great post again, Judy–I love that we are heiresses, yet doing humble daily tasks. Somehow, that lifts my spirits tonight! God bless you–love, sis Caddo

  3. Our future as believers is not to live in heaven for an eternity, but rather to eventually reign on earth with King Jesus. So, yes, we are royalty and co-heirs with Jesus.

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