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Marriage: Then and Now

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If you’ve been married for more than twenty or twenty-five years, what would your current self say to your newlywed self about marriage? Dan and I have been married for thirty six years, and I’m asking myself the following questions: … Continue reading

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Robin Inspired Gratitude

There is a mama robin raising a chick or two in the nest she created right above a light on our deck.  The last time we observed this scenario, in the exact same spot, I identified a little too much with the mama robin as … Continue reading

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What does it take for a Marriage to Survive?

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This was the view from our table at a lovely little restaurant overlooking the Russian River as it meets the Pacific Ocean in Jenner, California.  Sunday night’s dinner was a fitting conclusion to a four-day weekend spent in celebration of thirty years … Continue reading

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What the Bible Does Not Say About Marriage

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I once searched the Bible for a passage exalting and approving of long and successful marriages.  I thought that would be nice.  Surely God would have a few words or praise for couples who had faithfully stayed in their marriages until “death did they … Continue reading

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