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Re-Thinking Us vs. Them

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Rich vs. Poor.  Right vs. Left.  Citizens vs. Illegal Aliens.  Black vs. White.  Government vs. Taxpayers.  These are just some of the Us vs. Them battles that we perceive around us.  Fear and ideological insulation can lead us to believe that … Continue reading

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Reaction to the Hobby Lobby Decision: Two Truths and a Lie

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The recent Supreme Court decision in favor of Hobby Lobby is a cultural lightning rod.  The ruling stands, silent and immovable, but the reaction to it has put on quite a show. Rather than discuss the ruling (quite enough has … Continue reading

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Playground Arguments and Cultural Conversations (Part 2): Influential Voices

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In my last post I introduced the metaphor of playground arguments as representative of cultural conversations over moral and ethical boundaries in our pluralistic American society.  People holding diverse value systems do not always agree over playground rules and boundaries. One group insists, Fair!  Another cries, Foul!  I posed the … Continue reading

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Health Care: Right, Left, or a Higher Way?

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At the risk of inflaming political passions, I can’t resist making some observations about the health care legislation upon which the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday. Chief Justice John Roberts, in what was either a masterful demonstration of principle and leadership or a last-minute vote change, … Continue reading

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Challenging Stereotypes

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Here’s a little experiment.  Imagine someone in each of the following categories: teenager, single mother, gay man, banker, Muslim, conservative Republican, union member, liberal Democrat, Christian.  Were you able to conjure up a mental image of each stereotypical character?  Whether we … Continue reading

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Cubs, Sox and Stereotypes

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My husband and I have a mixed marriage. I am lifelong Cubs fan. He thinks Cubs fans are more interested in partying and talking on their cell phones than in actually appreciating the game of baseball. After all, who goes … Continue reading

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