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Called to be Object Lesson of God’s Redeeming Love

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My family once took a trip to Washington DC, and we took in all the monuments, memorials, and museums that we had time for.   There was only one problem; our youngest son had the flu.  His illness manifested itself progressively throughout the … Continue reading

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If Only: Letting Go of Regret (book review)

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What do you do with your troublesome “if only” moments, a.k.a. regrets?  I tend to ignore them, safely stashing them in a mental holding cell because facing them feels like living Groundhog Day without the power to change anything.  No fun. If Only: Letting Go of Regret, by Michelle Van Loon, … Continue reading

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The Space for Rest

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We rested on Labor Day, and we did it on the relatively narrow space of a bike path along Chicago’s lake shore. The path was well populated by runners, bikers, walkers, and roller-bladers.   Boaters, swimmers, and jet-skiers made the nearby water their playground. Sunbathers, sand-castle-makers … Continue reading

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The Redemptive Story: A Guide to Reading the Bible (Part 2)

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In my last post I compared the birth and growth of the nation of Israel to the development of a child.  Israel was born, grew into power and influence, became corrupted, and was conquered by rival nations.  Sadly, by the end of the Old Testament history, the … Continue reading

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Heed the Heat

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It’s not often that thermometers in Chicago report triple digit temperatures, and when they do so for three days in a row we feel the heat. Pavement is buckling (thirty roads and counting), vegetation is wilting, and air conditioners are working overtime. We all must guard against dehydration … Continue reading

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Two Stories of Sinking Ships

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The sinking of the Titanic is a story upon which other stories have been projected.  It was a true and tragic event that has become a useful illustration of human hubris.  Famously touted as unsinkable, it has ironically become the iconic image of a sinking … Continue reading

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Remember on this Good Friday

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The weekend of Good Friday through Easter Sunday is arguably the most important three-day period in the history of the world, the climax of God’s redemptive plan.  Yet, I’m never quite sure how to appropriately recognize this day, Good Friday. To focus on the … Continue reading

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