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Living the Resurrection

Easter weekend this year was emotional for my husband and me.  Friday and Saturday we attended the visitation and funeral of a good friend from my college years.  We celebrated his life and mourned his death. On the way to the funeral … Continue reading

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Death, Faith, and New Life

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The Saturday between the Friday on which Jesus died and the Sunday of his resurrection must have been a day of grief, despair, confusion, and divine silence. Have you ever had a day like that? I have. Where are you God?  What was that all about anyway? Why … Continue reading

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Confident Hope or Wishful Thinking?

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It is my confident hope that spring will one day arrive in Chicago. Sadly, it will not likely be within the next ten days. I have faith that even though I am wearing a wool sweater and boots today and my back yard looks like this… … Continue reading

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Will we be Gymnasts in Heaven?

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How do those Olympic gymnasts do it?  Athletic perfection is a beauty to behold.  I marvel at the physical strength, grace, skill and mental toughness of Olympic athletes in general, but in my opinion the gymnasts are the strongest and most skilled of … Continue reading

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Jesus Wept

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How do we make sense of the senseless? A bus full of tourists blows up in Bulgaria. A  child is diagnosed with cancer.  Movie-goers experience a violent reality instead of the fiction they expected to see. Bombs kill worshippers in … Continue reading

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Resurrection Power

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We who call ourselves Christians just celebrated the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. Do we experience the power of the resurrection just as mightily on the other 364 days of the year? The resurrection is most … Continue reading

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Faith for Saturday

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The Saturday, the Sabbath, between Good Friday and Easter Sunday must have been a Sabbath like none other for the first followers of Jesus.  I imagine them living that day in stunned horror, wondering how they could have celebrated the Passover … Continue reading

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