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Covid-19 Will Change the World

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Politico listed listed thirty four ways the world could/would change from less polarization to more telemedicine to big government making a comeback to worship looking different. The New York Times discussed the world doing science together and The Guardian, published “‘We can’t … Continue reading

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The Transforming Touch of God

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I’ve always enjoyed stories of rapid spiritual transformation, because they remind me that no one is beyond the gracious work of God. The Apostle Paul experienced a dramatic story of radical transformation. He was actively persecuting Christians until Jesus met … Continue reading

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God is Active in Your Life…Whether You Know it or Not

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The book of Esther is one of the best reads in the Bible.  If you haven’t read it, I highly encourage it.  The book never mentions God,  prayer, or any overtly religious practice, yet it tells a story that can … Continue reading

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Soaring Hope

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What if I told you that I spent the weekend at a conference with a diverse group of over nine-hundred people without hearing one negative word?  Not one.  Kindness, acceptance and generosity were unfailing.   Really.  It gave me hope. The event … Continue reading

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Making Tracks

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My thinking tends to follow well-traveled tracks.  They are broken and they lead nowhere, but they are difficult to replace.  How do we lay new lines for our minds? Here’s an idea. MY AGENDA FOR TODAY: BLOG POST, PHONE CALLS, WORKOUT, WHAT TO GET MOM FOR … Continue reading

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What is the Remedy for Corruption?

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I live in Illinois, the state in which one hears jokes about governors moving out of the governor’s mansion directly into prison.  It’s not funny. Corruption, while present in every culture throughout the ages, seems to have gained a deadly stranglehold in our country in recent years.  … Continue reading

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Inhale…exhale…inhale…stretch…inhale…reach…exhale…repeat.  So says the well toned instructor on my exercise DVD.  Breathe.  Then stretch.  Breathe.  Then crunch.  Breathe.  Then lunge.  It makes sense; our bodies need oxygen for the stretching and stress of an exercise routine.  The same could be said for … Continue reading

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Occupy Human Hearts

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This country is thoroughly occupied by protests over economic injustice.  The problem is clear.  We get it.  The far more difficult question is, what is the solution? Liberals, who approve of the Occupy protests, say that we should redistribute wealth more equitably.  Conservatives, … Continue reading

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Auditing Life or Living for Credit?

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If you are a Christian, would you say you are living a life of clear purpose, freedom, joy, and love?  The Bible promises spiritual power in Christ Jesus to overcome the stranglehold of self-defeating and selfish behavior in our lives and to transform us into new … Continue reading

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