Occupy Human Hearts

This country is thoroughly occupied by protests over economic injustice.  The problem is clear.  We get it.  The far more difficult question is, what is the solution?

Liberals, who approve of the Occupy protests, say that we should redistribute wealth more equitably.  Conservatives, who are more likely to express themselves at Tea Party rallies, say we should work to make sure everyone has equal opportunity for wealth. Liberals are accused of economy-killing socialism; conservatives of welfare for the rich.  Liberals blame Wall Street.  Conservatives blame Washington.  I think they are both right.

What should Christians say?

Christians should understand that our problem is not with an economic system or a political party or an ideology.   Human beings handle power and wealth badly, and in any economic system they tend to exploit their power for their own benefit.

Our money problems have their roots in heart problems.  Equitable income distribution will not change greedy corrupt people into generous honest people.

The answer to our problems, those on Wall Street and those on Main Street, is a divine occupation of human hearts.

What do you think?

“Create in me a pure heart, O God…” Psalm 51:10

2 thoughts on “Occupy Human Hearts

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  1. That’s sure the ultimate answer. But how do we, whose hearts are graciously occupied, but whose actions have not caught up with the possibilities due to the occupation, act and live in this antagonistic and decaying system? Certainly our own anger and frustration should be taken to the Lord and our hearts and wills daily handed over to our “Occupier.” Only He can supply us with wisdom for right thinking, right acting and right being. May we act with impatience, to get our wills aligned with His and with patience in dealing with others, whose God shaped vacuum has not been graciously filled with Him yet. May we be available to Him, to be agents of change in our world as well as letting the Supreme Agent of change, change us. 🙂 As you quoted, Psalm 51:10

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