Still Having a Blast (with friends from the past)

Last year in Nashville

This is a much-anticipated day for a group of women affectionately self identified as “Hilltoppers.”  Hilltop was the house that most of us lived in during our senior year in college.  It was a dump.  We had a blast.  This weekend is our annual reunion.  We’ve upgraded our accommodations considerably, but we’ll still have a blast.

Except for the four years we spent together in school, we have all lived our lives in very different geographical and vocational territories, and we don’t get together often.  No matter; we’ll pick up right where we left off last year.  We have, of course, grown in many ways since our Hilltop days (good thing!), yet we are in essence the same people we’ve always been.  There is no need for pretense and no cause for pride.  It’s very liberating.

Two years ago in Utah

I could write about how much I learn from my friends, or about how each dyad (interpersonal communication speak for a relationship of two) is a unique entity in itself, or how I better understand other people and myself as I see life reflected in my friends.  We could marvel at the “random” circumstances that spark life-long friendships and  then how those relationships can inspire closer connections to God.   I could write about all of that, but my focus is a little lacking this morning, and I have some packing to do.

Today, I am simply thankful for friends, whether we’ve known each other for many years or for just a few months, and for weekends that refresh my soul.

3 thoughts on “Still Having a Blast (with friends from the past)

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  1. You are right- seeing everyone solidifies the meaning of friendship. How great it would be if everyone could feel the same love, support, laughter, and amazingly enough -peace. The peace, support, and unconditional love helps us renew our spirits. The spirit of Christ is very present in our friendships and marriages. As you said, we have grown in many ways but in essence we remain the same, and we accept each other with open arms. Thanks for being a great spark!

  2. Hope you have a great time with your friends. I’m thankful for the “random” circumstances that sparked our friendship. Always appreciate your mind tethered to the word of God…and at least 100 other books at one time. 🙂 Look forward to your post reporting on your weekend. Don’t leave anything out!

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