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Honey, I Shrunk My Life

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“I feel like my life is shrinking,” said my sister as she talked about a close friend that had moved, a sister-in-law’s quick relocation to Florida and other relationships that had changed or diminished. I’ve had the same thought. Is … Continue reading

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Friends For Life

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The beauty of life long friendships becomes more apparent as we live more of life. Today’s post is at The Perennial Gen, a thoughtful place for people in, or approaching, the second half of life to think, write, and read … Continue reading

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Adventure Awaits

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The following post was written by my son, Brian.  I hope you enjoy the connections he’s made between The Lord of the Rings and the gospel followed up by a challenge to adventure. The Lord of the Rings has always been one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Familiar Footsteps

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Do you recognize God’s footsteps beside you as you walk through your days? Yesterday morning my husband and I both put on our running shoes and stepped out for a little exercise at the start of a beautiful September day.  I began my run/walk (emphasis on … Continue reading

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Essential U-Turns

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Our girlfriend reunion in Seattle was fantastic. We spent our days enjoying the sights of Seattle and its surroundings, shopping, taking in beautiful landscapes and seascapes, eating out and cooking in, but mostly just happy to be doing it all together. Perfect. Well, … Continue reading

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Anticipating Artistry

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My college girlfriends and I will create a masterpiece this weekend. You’ll understand what I mean by that as you read the following post re-blogged today but first written under the title of Exceeding Expectations last July after a reunion weekend.  This year’s adventure starts tomorrow on a fresh canvas … Continue reading

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Exceeding Expectations

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The weekend could not have been better.  It exceeded my rather lofty expectations, not because we had perfect weather, although we did; not because ten people traveled from all over the US without incident, although they did; and not because … Continue reading

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Still Having a Blast (with friends from the past)

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This is a much-anticipated day for a group of women affectionately self identified as “Hilltoppers.”  Hilltop was the house that most of us lived in during our senior year in college.  It was a dump.  We had a blast.  This weekend is our … Continue reading

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