Friday’s Shopping List

My shopping list today, if I had made one, would have included:

  1. A little extra sleep.  (Free)
  2. A run/walk in relatively warm sunshine.  (Surprising and free.)
  3. Excellent food and no cooking.  (Leftovers and a microwave.)
  4. Getting some work done when I felt like it.  No pressure.  (Free)
  5. Random conversations with family members. (Free)
  6. An enjoyable movie featuring an engaging story and offering few things to think about – Hugo.  (Not exactly free, but that’s ok.)
  7. Freedom from retailer-induced shopping hysteria.  (Who needs it?)
  8. Refusal to flip my  mental switch to “Christmas mode” until I’m good and ready. (And I’m not quite ready yet.)
  9. Peace
  10. A thankful heart

What was on your shopping list today?

2 thoughts on “Friday’s Shopping List

Add yours

  1. I forgot to make a list, and comparatively, my 1-9 were mostly the opposite…no extra sleep, definitely no running, ate some fast food, but cooked a good dinner, didn’t get too much work done, i conversed with family members urging them to pick up their stuff, didn’t see a movie, went to the Apple store (busy, but minimal waiting to spend a lot of money:)), my husband brought up the Christmas decorations and got everything out, not too peaceful….but in all of that, still thankful – for a new day, for nicer weather, for food available away from home, for sitting down at the table to a good dinner, for a family to help in the sanctification process, for the cool gadgets that God has allowed man to create, for husbands who have a plan with decorations, and for life itself. And now that I’m thinking specifically about gratitude, for the gracious act of God in what Jesus did on the cross, to lift my guilt and shame and set me on an intimate course with the Creator of the universe. That’s tough to beat! I love the sound of your day though. 🙂

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