What is the Best You can do for the Kingdom?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? 

It is a challenging question, and I thank our pastor for asking it in a recent sermon.   While I would call myself a Kingdom-minded Christian, I do not recall ever directly applying this question to a major career, life, or financial decision.

That changed last week when my husband, Dan, and I used it as the focusing question for our retreat.

Our Brainstorming White Board

“What is the best we can do for the Kingdom” was the first of three questions Dan and I asked ourselves in order to discern God’s direction for us at this point in our lives.  After some brainstorming we isolated the ideas at the intersection of the three questions.  It seemed like a nice organized approach for an engineer (Dan in his first career) and a computer systems analyst (me in mine:)

The three questions we asked were:

1) What is the best we can do for the Kingdom?

2) Where do we see God at work around us?

3) What are our gifts, talents, skills, experiences, passions, and how has God prepared us for ministry?

There were no wild revelations.  We’re not moving to Africa.  We ruled out a few things, had some healthy discussions that brought clarity to both of us, and finally felt a confirmation to move forward on the path we had been on. 

It was an illuminating exercise, and I recommend it even if you’re not at a decision point in your life. 

So, having done our best to listen, wait, and use our own heads, we will knock on some doors and wait for God to open one. 

Have you ever made an important life decision based on the best you can do for the Kingdom

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”  Matthew 6:33

7 thoughts on “What is the Best You can do for the Kingdom?

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  1. Judy, I believe I need to focus on finishing any work He’s already given to me. It’s about numbering my days, having a heart of wisdom about that, and picking up stitches I’ve dropped. This is where the best I can do for the Kingdom, the gifts He’s given or passions He’s instilled, and the needs around me meet. It’s interesting that in diligently seeking Him about His Kingdom and your place in its work, that He kept you two going strong on the road you were walking already.

    1. Hi Maria,
      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, it is very interesting that perhaps God already has us exactly where we can do the best for his Kingdom. I also appreciate your thought that the best we can do, at any time on any day, is to faithfully do what he has placed before us to do.
      Thanks again, and may He strengthen you to faithfully do what he has called you to do!

  2. I have to be honest, Judy. I can’t say I’ve posed that question while making life decisions. Maybe I’ve asked, “What is God’s will for my life?” or “What I can do to give God the glory in such and such situation?” But I love the way this question refocuses my heart on His Kingdom.

    P.S. I love your brainstorming white board.

    1. It’s funny how we can lean about, talk about, believe in God’s Kingdom, but somehow keep it in a separate category from our life decisions. Somehow, as you point out, this question merges the two realities. Thanks Beth!

  3. “…Have you ever made an important life decision based on the best you can do for the Kingdom?…”

    I truly believe we are in an era when heaven is emphasizing the Kingdom of God and hopefully we believers will eventually understand what the Kingdom actually is. So, to answer your question, I’m doing my best to make it an everyday decision.

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