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What a Bizarre Bible Story Teaches us about God’s Word

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Has anyone ever advised you that God had informed them that you should do or stop doing something in particular? If it’s advice that you have asked for from a trustworthy Christian friend, that kind of input may be helpful. … Continue reading

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Does God Promise Clarity?

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“Lord, please give me clarity…” I’ve prayed that prayer quite a lot lately reasoning that if I am sure of God’s leading I can step forward in confidence. However, in a recent discussion with my daughter about my desire for clarity, she said, “I’m … Continue reading

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“I Drive”

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“I drive,” says our grandson as he gleefully establishes himself behind the wheel.  Never mind that he’s two years old and can’t even reach the gas pedal.  I imagine him thinking, “How hard can this be?”  The poor guy is devastated when we plunk … Continue reading

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What is the Best You can do for the Kingdom?

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Have you ever asked yourself that question?  It is a challenging question, and I thank our pastor for asking it in a recent sermon.   While I would call myself a Kingdom-minded Christian, I do not recall ever directly applying this question … Continue reading

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People Plan; God Guides

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One of the tantalizing tensions in the life of a Christ-follower is the interaction between our plans and God’s guidance. “Step out in faith,” Christians say with conviction. “Wait on the Lord,” others caution. I think they’re both good advice…at the proper time.  … Continue reading

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Mr. Magoo Years

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Writing my last post about my son’s perseverance toward his goals reminded me of my own young adult years.  I fondly refer to them as my “Mr. Magoo years.”  In contrast to my son, who has well-defined goals, I approached life with aspirations that could charitably be described … Continue reading

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