What if Heaven Published a Newspaper?

What would heaven’s headlines say?

Today’s U.S. headlines warn of fiscal cliffs, rising taxes, and dangerous volatility in the Middle East.  These situations deserve our attention, but are they of eternal importance?  Maybe; maybe not.

Many “big” headlines of 2012 will be forgotten by 2013.  However, there are small stories happening all over the earth that might ultimately be more influential. 

Consider what people in first century Jerusalem might have been concerned about.  Politics, the economy, and conflicts, all the usual stuff of headlines, were probably on their minds.  Meanwhile, the biggest story in all of human history was happening in  Bethlehem.  Maybe there was some buzz about a bright star and reports of angels, but I suspect it didn’t get much serious coverage.

 Just for fun, let’s imagine what “The Jerusalem Journal” headlines might have been in the weeks before Jesus’s birth.  Work with me here…

Jerusalem Journal Now let’s imagine “The Heavenly Herald” during the same time…

The Heavenly Herald

Heaven’s perspective on the “news” is very different from ours.

As we approach Christmas in 2012, what do you think our fictional Heavenly Herald might say about current events on the earth?  Do you see any small stories of potentially large and/or eternal impact?

“As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.”  Isaiah 55:9

12 thoughts on “What if Heaven Published a Newspaper?

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  1. Wow! Great Post. Very creative. I love these words “Heaven’s perspective on the “news” is very different from ours.” Reminds me of Psalm 92:5 How great are your works, LORD, how profound your thoughts! Thanks for the message and I appreciate you stopping by My Journal of Praise and liking posts.

  2. As a confused soul who seems to be deaf as a post to hearing God’s will, I always wanted a telegram (much tidier than being blinded on the road). Love your newspapers! Very creative and thoughtful post. Thank you. Diane

  3. Great Good news here today! 🙂 I know a sweet lady in Jerusalem and I think some of the things she tells me about that are happening there, would make great headlines for the Heavenly Herald. Thanks, Judy, and God bless you as you look for His wonders!

  4. “…what do you think our fictional Heavenly Herald might say about current events on the earth?”

    Look up and lift up your heads because your redemption draws near.

    Clever post. Thanks.

  5. What a neat post, Judy. This is something I have never stopped to think about. Being one who does not often — never — read a newspaper, i think I could get into the idea of a Heavenly Herald . . . a newspaper proclaiming all the Good taking place around the world; requests for prayer, reports of miracles, all in the effort to celebrate that God is Alive and doing Great Things.

    Happy Thursday to you,

    ~ Cara

    1. Wouldn’t it be encouraging to read stories of eternal significance, sacrificial love, and effective service? Maybe we’ll get to hear about them some day:). For now, I guess we’ll have to be content with the knowledge that none of it escapes God’s notice. Nice to hear from you, Cara, and a happy Thursday back to you!

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