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Look Up and Pray for Those Looking Down

During Holy Week we focus on the death of Jesus in anticipation of joyfully celebrating his resurrection. It’s appropriate, for when we see the horror, politics, mistaken religious protection and gross injustice of Jesus’s crucifixion, we are more grateful and … Continue reading

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What if Heaven Published a Newspaper?

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What would heaven’s headlines say? Today’s U.S. headlines warn of fiscal cliffs, rising taxes, and dangerous volatility in the Middle East.  These situations deserve our attention, but are they of eternal importance?  Maybe; maybe not. Many “big” headlines of 2012 will be forgotten by 2013.  However, there are small … Continue reading

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Two Stories of Sinking Ships

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The sinking of the Titanic is a story upon which other stories have been projected.  It was a true and tragic event that has become a useful illustration of human hubris.  Famously touted as unsinkable, it has ironically become the iconic image of a sinking … Continue reading

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