Life Beyond a Stroke

photo credit: Phototropy via photopin cc
photo credit: Phototropy via photopin cc

I was living life fully loaded: teaching opportunities were suddenly plentiful, spending time with family and friends was a joy, and getting ready for anther year of CBS was just around the corner.  I had lots of ideas and plans and life was full.  I was happy.

Then, I had a stroke. 

Yep.  You read that right.  I can’t believe it either.

I’m too young for a stroke.  I’m perfectly healthy.  What!?!  Even the doctors had no answers to explain why this had happened,

Now what?

First, I am very thankful for my husband who was home and knew what to do, for medical skill and TPA.  Miraculous.  I am grateful for my family, who were ready to help and very present.  And I am forever thankful that after a short two days in the hospital, I am minimally affected and will do my best to help my brain re-do any necessary connections.

That’s the easy part.

The rest of it is more complicated.

Answering the questions surrounding the event will take longer than recovering from it.  Suddenly my life is both precious and peculiar.  It’s precious because I (again) have confronted serious illness and survived.  It’s peculiar because, for the second time, doctors are completely without suggestion as to the cause of this.  Stay tuned.

I simply continue to trust.  It’s funny that one who talks a lot about faith would find herself saying that I must simply trust.  I would have always said that was true of me.  I’m beginning to understand that my idea of trust and God’s…are a little different.

I’m listening God.

“The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O LORD, endures forever – do not abandon the works of your hands.”  Psalm 138:8

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  1. Oh, Judy–I didn’t know, though I’ve had you on my mind recently, so it must have been God’s nudge to hustle over here. I send up prayers for you that our BIG God will restore you completely in His time. love, Caddo (new blog, if you’re interested, but NO obligation)

      1. You’re most welcome–hope you’re feeling better! I have such confidence that this will be a minor blip on your life screen. God blows me away with His faithfulness, having restored me again after a 9-month depression. “Awesome” doesn’t begin to describe Him.

  2. God’s plans are often a mystery–but I DO know they turn out better than mine! 😉
    You’re in my prayers.

  3. Judy . . .i am so thankful that He has you in His hands. What a shock, but I am taking notes on faith and trust. Love and God bless you, deb
    P.s. My mom had a heart attack last week, but was taken care of and is back home again! So thankful!

  4. Praying for you, Judy! So, so grateful someone was there with you when the episode struck. Your attitude is inspiring. After something awful has happened to us, I think generally the natural tendency is to panic, embrace fear, and forget that God brought us through it because He is in control and has a reason. To “simply” trust is a feat of which most of us will never fully learn inside these volatile bodies.

    ~ Cara

    1. So true Cara. As I slowly re-engage with life I’m doing my best to “simply” trust, except it isn’t so “simply” after all. Thank you for your prayers!

  5. Ahh Judy, I saw the title and just had to click and find out whether I had read it right. I am very glad you are well, that is the most important thing. I feel that there is a puzzle missing somewhere and only God has the answer to fully bring rebalance to your life. It also made me nod you mentioning faith and then trust, to my mind going through the healing journey faith and trust are now quite distinct – I don’t know how to express it, but maybe you are discovering that too?

    wherever you are and whatever you do, you are beautiful xxxx

  6. Judy, thank you for sharing this with us. What a scary thing to go through. I pray that you’ll enjoy full health and the Lord’s peace. These experiences do inform our perspective, and help us to value all of God’s gifts and the miracle of life every day. Blessings to you and your family, and prayers for a full recovery!

  7. I pray that no weapon formed against you shall prosper and that you shall refute every tongue that rises up against you in judgment, this is Judy’s heritage and her vindication is from the Lord.

  8. Judy, God is writing a beautiful and remarkable story in your life. I am so glad to see how you’re responding and sharing that with us. Prayers for abundant blessing through it all. Keep us posted : )

  9. Wow! I am so very thankful that you are home and okay. Praying that your recovery and new normal are found full of His presence and peace. It will be interesting to see how He will use this to bring even more good… ❤

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