Friends For Life

providence-doucet-87304-800x532The beauty of life long friendships becomes more apparent as we live more of life.

Today’s post is at The Perennial Gen, a thoughtful place for people in, or approaching, the second half of life to think, write, and read about the changes that will bring. Part of the Perennial Gen’s mission statement reads: “We affirm maturity is not an age or stage, but describes the loam of spiritual formation and life experience that leads to fruitfulness; namely, wisdom and love.”

Wisdom and love; two aspects of friendship that grow with us.

Friends For Life

Some friendships last forever; others endure for a brief time. Friendships, no matter how long they last, are a gift. Relationships have been on my mind, because I recently lost a good friend.

She was a Hilltopper…Click here to keep reading.

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  1. Thanks Judy. As life moves forward I agree our friendships and faith are essential blessings. Sometimes it is all you have to lift you and carry you through life’s challenges. At time same time we try to carry our friends by sharing our love, laughter, and faith. You, as always, have a special gift of expressing this maturity and growth in friendships. We are different but our essence remains unchanged….we love each other. New or old growing together and carrying each other through life’s heartaches is a great gift. One of my friend’s who is very ill just made a new friend, who happens to be an assistant pastor, and they immediately have a close friendship. (I just happened to introduce them…) We have certainly been blessed with our long growing friendships as we have seen each other blossom, but I always encourage every one to reach out to others/new friends because we need each other…..
    Love ya!

  2. Those who have life-long friends should be thankful. It was encouraging to read about this group keeping in touch in such a way! I’ve not experienced much faithfulness with friendships. People just don’t take the time (for a slew of reasons I suppose) to maintain a relationship. Those with the privilege of life long friends may want to realize that not everyone does — and be open to new friendship. I’ve known some middle-aged people who (for several reasons, such as divorce, moves, etc) have found themselves rather friendless in mid-life. This can be a hard time to establish new relationships, period. And then if no one has time for a new friend because they already have established ones, that makes it even harder! A couple years ago I made a new friend that I am so thankful for. We are on such a simialr wavelength in life that it is like we ARE life-long friends even though we are not.

    1. Good point, Laura. We should probably always be open to new relationships and for whatever God has in mind for them. I’ve made a few good friends in recent years, but you’re right that it is more difficult to make friends at this stage of life. These good friends from college do not live in my neighborhood, and most of them are out of state, so we are not involved in the day to day stuff of each other’s lives. Everyone needs friends who understand the routine, the normal, the ho-hum of life, and are still our friends. Those are the friendships that it seems harder to establish in mid-life. I’m so glad you have a similar wavelength friend! Thanks for you comment, Laura!

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