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The Gospel Story According to You

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What is your story? What does it mean for you to follow Jesus? The big gospel stories have always impressed me. Mother Teresa. Brother Yun. Billy Graham. Elisabeth Eliot. I’ve heard many other powerful stories, although I can’t remember the … Continue reading

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Maturity: Grace, Truth and Time

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How would you define maturity? I know it when I see it, but it’s surprisingly difficult to verbalize. According to psychologist and author Henry Cloud, maturity can be defined as follows: “Immaturity is when we ask life to meet our demands … Continue reading

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Identity Politics and Intrinsic Identity

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We are constantly being categorized. Each one of us is seen as part of a larger association: right or left; black or white; rich, middle class or poor; male or female; boomer, buster/gen x, millennial/gen y, or boomlet/gen z; Christian, … Continue reading

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Have We Become Our Jobs?

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On what do you base your identity? Most often, these days, our identity is associated with our work.  An article in the Chicago Tribune (“Just can’t escape the daily grind” by Charles McNulty, February 21, 2016) argues that even today’s movies are … Continue reading

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How to Find Yourself

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I have always known about God.  I knew that he loved me and that his Son, Jesus, had died for my sins.  I genuinely believed that. For many years of my life I knew about God like I knew about … Continue reading

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Leaving our Boats and Following Jesus

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What if Jesus walked into your place of business, spoke to the staff, and then instructed a salesperson to make a phone call which resulted in the biggest deal your business had ever landed? Then imagine that Jesus said, “Never … Continue reading

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Inhale…exhale…inhale…stretch…inhale…reach…exhale…repeat.  So says the well toned instructor on my exercise DVD.  Breathe.  Then stretch.  Breathe.  Then crunch.  Breathe.  Then lunge.  It makes sense; our bodies need oxygen for the stretching and stress of an exercise routine.  The same could be said for … Continue reading

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