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Our Plans, God’s Purposes and Faith

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January is a logical time to think about plans, goals, and dreams.  I’m more motivated to make changes in my life in January than I am in April or October. To live fruitful lives it’s healthy to make plans and to pursue … Continue reading

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Life: Solving a Puzzle or Creating a Masterpiece?

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The future lies before me in the form of puzzle pieces. Goals.  Skills.  Passion.  Experience.  Gifting.  Opportunities.  Dreams.  Resources. Faith.  Kingdom of God.  Power.  Following Jesus.  Hope. Family.  Finances.  Commitments.  Constraints.  Perceptions. Markets.  Ideas.  Service.  Potential.  World.  Needs. Fear.  Oops.  Toss that piece off … Continue reading

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A Gentle Parable about Plan B

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My husband and I enjoyed a restful and restorative vacation in Florida last week.  While the trip was a blessing in every sense, it also served as a gentle parable about accepting, adjusting to and enjoying “Plan B.” The only element of our trip that qualified for “Plan … Continue reading

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God Doesn’t Need Algorithms

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“For more and more companies, the hiring boss is an algorithm.”** Algorithms increasingly direct hiring decisions, stock trading, and employee compensation.  They are used to evaluate music for potential “hit-appeal,” and to determine what shows up on your Facebook news feed. Big Brother … Continue reading

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Mr. Magoo Years

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Writing my last post about my son’s perseverance toward his goals reminded me of my own young adult years.  I fondly refer to them as my “Mr. Magoo years.”  In contrast to my son, who has well-defined goals, I approached life with aspirations that could charitably be described … Continue reading

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How do you Find your Future?

“Prayer is not a replacement for action.” This observation was made by my twenty-three year old son, Kenny, who is attempting to find his future.  He is in the process of applying to medical school and, while he waits he is … Continue reading

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