Life: Solving a Puzzle or Creating a Masterpiece?

The future lies before me in the form of puzzle pieces.

Puzzle pieces from morguefileGoals.  Skills.  Passion.  Experience.  Gifting.  Opportunities.  Dreams.  Resources.

Faith.  Kingdom of God.  Power.  Following Jesus.  Hope.

Family.  Finances.  Commitments.  Constraints.  Perceptions.

Markets.  Ideas.  Service.  Potential.  World.  Needs.

Fear.  OopsToss that piece off of the table…wrong puzzle.

More Faith.

My husband and I are approaching some major decision points, and there are a number of variables that could combine in various ways to form different future trajectories.  Considering all possible permutations of these puzzle pieces makes my head spin.

Where is the handy puzzle box with life’s completed picture on top?

Connected PiecesThat, I realize, is the wrong question.

Here’s the right one:

What kind of picture will God, my husband and I create with the pieces that He has put into our lives?

Do you view life as a puzzle to be solved or a masterpiece to be created?  Is your life’s picture coming into focus?  Is anyone else staring at disconnected pieces and wondering how they will all come together?

13 thoughts on “Life: Solving a Puzzle or Creating a Masterpiece?

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  1. “Fear. Oops. Toss that piece off of the table…wrong puzzle.” This made me chuckle as I have been here before. Sometimes all I can do is say, “Open the doors You want opened, Lord, and close the ones You want closed.” Then I just walk one day at a time. Judy, He loves you and has your best interests at heart.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  2. Love the analogies.
    My life is a masterpiece, being painted by the omnipotent, creator God . . . but sadly I sometimes try to fit in the wrong pieces, marring His continuing work. Thankfully, He doesn’t give up, but brings me to the place where the wrong pieces are removed and He continues His work.

    What an incredibly amazing Father God!

  3. “Do you view life as a puzzle to be solved or a masterpiece to be created?”
    A masterpiece to be created by God with me allowing Him to create.
    “Is your life’s picture coming into focus?”
    Somewhat, but sometimes the picture is blurry. 🙂
    “Is anyone else staring at disconnected pieces and wondering how they will all come together?”
    Yes, my wife!
    Seriously, I think it’s about the journey. I used to put jigsaw puzzles together with family and friends and it was never really about the puzzle; it was about relaxation and conversation – the journey.

  4. Judy,
    Great point. When we realize that God has made us co-creators and our choice or lack of choices will determine our future choices then we trust God a lot more. He works throught us and He will help us to make some great choices. He has a great point of view and He loves us. You guys will do great Judy.

  5. I like this…..God has the final picture on top of the box. we just have the pieces, one by one. But we don’t have to worry, because He’s got it all in His hands. And He is trustworthy.


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  6. I love this post, and the question. My honest answer is that when life is going swimmingly, I have great enthusiastic confidence that God and I are creating a masterpiece. When things seem to be rather a mess of complications and I don’t understand any of it, then life is a puzzle to be solved (and I can easily turn into a frustrated, fearful, impatient 2-year old). That’s when I’m grateful God reduces it to the basics: Do you trust Me? Do you believe I love you, and that I have a Plan, and I’m working everything together for your Good? Stand Still, wait and watch–and Hush, so you can hear Me. God bless you as He helps you and your husband sort through the decision-making process–I have great, enthusiastic faith for the outcome.

  7. “…Where is the handy puzzle box with life’s completed picture on top?…”

    The complete picture for your puzzle is in God’s heart. Keep seeking Him and He will show you just enough to make it through one day at a time. At times, He may give you a little glimpse of more, but for the most part when we walk by faith, it’s a daily walk.

    1. Thanks Larry. That’s our plan – one step at a time. It is an interesting and faith stretching process to participate in decisions and life while at the same time watching, as if from a distance, to see what kind of picture develops. He’s never failed us!

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