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Identity Politics and Intrinsic Identity

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We are constantly being categorized. Each one of us is seen as part of a larger association: right or left; black or white; rich, middle class or poor; male or female; boomer, buster/gen x, millennial/gen y, or boomlet/gen z; Christian, … Continue reading

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An Alternative to Presidential Politics

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The demoralized and polarized political environment in the United States is getting more bizarre by the moment.  Donald Trump spouts off about anything and everything, except his actual plans, and continues to win primaries.  I don’t get it.  Bernie Sanders advocates socialism, and … Continue reading

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One Faith; Different Vocabularies

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Every Christian should be able to state the foundational truth of his or her faith in Jesus Christ and an experiential reality of living as his disciple. But we will not all use the same vocabulary. In some Christian denominations … Continue reading

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Bubble-ology : the recognition and analysis of spheres containing uniform philosophical, ideological and/or theological thought (from Judy’s dictionary of hypothetical words:). How often do you seek perspectives from sources outside of your bubble? Every individual looks at life through the lens of his or her unique life experiences and … Continue reading

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Would you Still Vote for Jesus?

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Would you vote for the leader of a kingdom characterized by power, freedom and unity? Most of us would, but Jesus, the King, regularly told followers and crowds to keep quiet about what they had experienced or observed of his kingdom.  Not exactly … Continue reading

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Would you Vote for Jesus?

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The U.S. election day is blessedly behind us.  Each presidential candidate proposed a vision for the country, and the voters made their choice. Today I invite you to consider the vision put forth by the leader of a different kind of kingdom.  Jesus, at … Continue reading

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Does Religion Work Without God? (Part 1)

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Does religion work without God? Philosopher and author Alain de Botton suggests that atheists give it a try in his forthcoming book Religion for Atheists: A Non-Believer’s Guide to the Uses of Religion.” In an excerpt from his book featured in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, de Botton writes, … Continue reading

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Can we Unite in Thanksgiving?

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The United States of America has a long history of thanksgiving, and not just on the fourth Thursday of November. Independent of any official designation of Thanksgiving Day, individuals, families and communities in this free country have always expressed their heartfelt gratitude to … Continue reading

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Balancing Bubbles

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The sheer volume of information that finds its way to my email address on a daily basis is bewildering.  It is impossible, at least for me, to read it all.  Occasionally I try, and this morning I followed a couple worthwhile links from … Continue reading

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